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The ultimate outcome of our workplace assessments is to have engaged and motivated people who are largely working to their natural behaviours, resulting in increased productivity and a healthier bottom line.

HR Profiling Solutions has been the Australasian distributor of Extended DISC® products for over 25 years. During this time, they have been involved in the continued enhancement and expansion of the system, including the launch of the advanced online platform FinxS® by the developer, Extended DISC® International, a Finnish company. The system is now used worldwide in 80+ countries by management to enhance organisational performance through increased efficiency in human resource decisions. In addition to its psychological applications and flexibility in design, the tools have a clear commercial focus making them invaluable in the management processes.

Operating through the advanced  FinxS® Online Platform, it is the world’s most advanced, flexible, and customisable assessment system, continually evolving. It enables management to solve people problems quickly and confidently, with an extensive suite of workplace tools, available from one online platform.

With Behavioural Analysis recognising 160 styles, it provides deep insights into an individual’s behaviour, surpassing traditional DISC tools. Developed in 1994, it was the first of its kind, offering web-based solutions in 1998. HR Profiling Solutions, led by directors with a commercial focus, ensures added value for clients, going beyond reports to provide outstanding customer service and tailored solutions for enhanced organisational performance.

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Our Values

Our Assessment Tools

Extended DISC® Assessments

Right people in the right roles? Improve communication, build strong cooperative teams, develop adaptable leaders, get everyone working to their natural strengths.

Sales Competence Assessments

Discover where salespeople are at! See how they rate against 18 critical sales competences, identify mindsets, strengths, specific development areas, ideal sales role matches.

Cognitive Ability Tests

Nine tests that reveal cognitive agility, competence, speed and accuracy in different areas of the professional environment.


Open 360s

Gather feedback from peers, direct reports and managers anonymously! Use the findings of thr 360 survey to develop leaders, salespeople and teams.


Workplace issues? Wanting feedback? Discover the feeling on the ground with an engagement survey.

FinxS® Online Platform

FinxS is a cloud-based online platform that powers workplace assessment tools in one integrated system.

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