Accreditation in Cognitive Ability Assessments

Cognitive Ability Assessment course provides recruiters and HR managers with the skills to interpret the results and apply the insights to hire ideal candidates.

The benefits from attending the Cognitive Ability test training

To avoid the frustration of poor outcomes in recruitment or unsatisfactory job fit, resulting in high employee turnover and associated cost, Cognitive Ability accreditation provides the skils and knowledge to evaluate candidates with these assessments.

HR Profiling partner with recruiters and HR Managers throughout Australasia who are experiencing challenges hiring ideal candidates for specific roles by using Cognitive Ability Assessments. Recruiters and HR Managers  can focus on turning intuition into objective information resulting in informed decisions and selecting compatible candidates.

The Cognitive Ability Course provide Recruiters and HR Managers with the skills to interpret the results from the Cognitive Ability Assessments and apply the results to hire ideal candidates.

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Learning Outcomes

HR Profiling’s training allows individuals to understand and interpret our Cognitive Ability tests in only half a day. The comprehensive half-day training will enrich the portfolio of other recruitment tools, skills and experience. 

The accreditation training, focuses on:

  • Gaining an in-depth understanding of the nine Cognitive tests.
  • Understanding how to select and administer the Cognitive Ability tool.
  • Confidently interpreting and debriefing the Cognitive Ability assessment.
  • Understanding how to apply the Cognitive Ability tool to make informed and non-bias hiring decisions.
  • Connecting the Cognitive Ability tool to Extended DISC® methodology for more detailed analysis and reliable recruitment decisions.
Abstract Logical Reasoning
Measures an individual's ability to understand different concepts and identify their interrelationships
Word Association

Measures the ability to rely on written information to understand relationships between different concepts.
Spatial Reasoning

Measures an individual's ability to perceive and understand the spatial relationships between objects or shapes.
Visual Memory
Assesses a candidate's ability to remember and process relevant information.
Numerical Reasoning
Measures an individual's ability to spot relationships and patterns in numerical information.
Verbal Reasoning
Evaluates a candidate's capacity to analyse complex information and accurately comprehend written content.
Mathematical Logical Reasoning
Evaluates a person's ability to interpret and criticise statistical information.
Understanding Logical Processes
Analyses an individual's ability to understand cause-effect relationships.
Understanding Social Context
Measures a candidate's ability to read social situations.

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Upcoming Accreditation Dates


6 June

Location: ONLINE 
Time: 9am AEST/ 7am AWST/ 11am NZST

HR Profiling’s virtual course consists of a four-hour session.

30 October

Location: ONLINE 
Time: 8am AEST/ 9am AEDT/ 6am AWST/ 11am NZST

HR Profiling’s virtual course consists of a four-hour session.

How is the training delivered?


Participate in  a comprehensive half-day session at a nominated venue. Benefit from expert facilitation and collaborative learning with HR professionals from various industries, gaining direct access to trainers and interacting with fellow participants.

In-House Certification

Do you have a team that needs to be trained? HR Profiling travels to the nominated business or venue or host an online certification where it is not possible to travel. The in-house option provides the opportunity to tailor the training to the organisations exact needs.

Virtual Certification

Virtual certification comprises of a four-hour video conference session with HR Profiling’s Master Trainer. This eliminates the need for travel and accommodates participants’ work and personal commitments.