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Switch to Extended DISC® and enhance your knowledge of human behaviour.

Drawing on your pre-existing knowledge, attendees will learn how to interpret Extended DISC® reports. Understand how to identify and recognise the special cases to understand an individual’s emotional state at the time of assessment, including extreme stress or pressure.

Why Upgrade to Extended DISC®?

No Extra Costs

Once an individual completes the Extended DISC® questionnaire, their results are securely saved in your FinxS online dashboard. Enjoy the flexibility to order their results in any format (leadership, sales, etc.) directly from the dashboard at no additional cost.

Special Cases

Extended DISC®’s intelligent profiling tools measure nine ‘special cases,’ identifying hidden emotions and patterns to enhance employee well-being and productivity.

Globally Validated Assessments

Trust in the most reliable and valid DISC assessments; re-validated bi-annually for credibility and effectiveness. Choose Extended DISC® for trusted insights.

Recognised throughout the world

A globally acknowledged certification in the most intelligent psychometric system worldwide.

Over 80 different answering languages.

Branding and customisation

Customise and brand reports and answering interface the organisation’s logo and colours.

Ongoing Support

Gain access to HR Profiling’s VIP Client Resource Center  and training materials.

Customer Service

Experience excellent customer service with HR Profiling’s speedy response times to ensure satisfaction and to provide client’s with exceptional support.

Complimentary one-on-one training on the FinxS platform

FinxS is a bespoke online assessment platform that powers HR Profiling’s assessment tools and provides business coaches, consultants, HR managers and business leaders with access to a customisable suite of workplace assessments.

Get further in-house access to:

  • Extended DISC® Assessments
  • Sales Competence Assessments
  • Cognitive Ability Tests
  • 360 Feedback Surveys
  • HR Surveys

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