Develop Your People with Workplace Assessments

Our philosophy on Human Resources

HR Profiling Solutions Limited specialise in helping businesses of all sizes get the best from their people, empowering them to make informed choices and decisions in their human resource processes. The ultimate outcome of our workplace assessments is to transform employees into engaged and motivated people who are largely working to their natural behaviours, resulting in increased productivity and a healthier bottom line.

We use globally recognised and validated Extended DISC®  and FinxS workplace assessment tools to produce in-depth insights into employee’s behaviour and capability. We are a family-owned and run business and have been the official Australian distributor for the past 22 years. We are the only authorised providers of Extended DISC®  Level 3 Master Training in Australia.

We’re always approachable and passionate about providing tailored solutions to clients to help enhance organisational performance.

Intuitive Workplace Assessments

Gain reliable and practical data to make informed people decisions and enhance organisational performance.

How we can help HR departments

Too many organisations still make critical hiring decisions based on impressions or intuition instead of data. Furthermore, leaders in these organisations are blind to deeper issues undermining performance. Our workplace tools connect you to the data-driven power of assessments. We help you select the right tools for your current situation and provide the support you need to make smarter talent-related decisions. 


Extended DISC® ® Assessments

Extended DISC® ® provides organisations with an easy to use framework to maximise the performance of employees. What makes an Extended DISC® ® Behavioural Assessment different from other assessments is that it can measure unconscious behaviour to exclude the impact of the environment. The two profiles provide HR professionals with insights into how adjustments in behaviour may impact productivity and morale. The tool supports individuals and businesses to improve relationships, communication and critical aspects of business such as leadership and management.


Sales Competence Assessments

FinxS® Sales Competence Assessments transform the way we understand salespeople and identifies the DNA of exceptional sales performance. The intuitive reports provide explicit and tangible information to create a road map to success. 

We are the only workplace assessment provider in Australasia that can compare a sales person’s learned skills against their natural sales tendencies with our powerful SalesX technology. Using this model, Recruiters and Sales Managers have all the information to make more reliable talent decisions, decrease staff turnover and recruitment costs, and increase the productivity of their workforce.


Reasoning Analysis

Reasoning tests are one of the most effective tools for predicting job performance and commonly used by HR Professionals for selection purposes. Aptitude tests support reliable hiring decisions, increase staff retention and enhance productivity. 

We specialise in supporting companies to enhance their recruitment processes using our advanced aptitude testing platform FinxS. Using our FinxS Aptitude tests, you will make more reliable hiring decisions, predict performance and working style of candidates, and decrease employee turnover


Open 360 Feedback Reviews

An open 360 assessment is a feedback tool for measuring skills, behaviours and competencies of an individual. A 360-degree review gathers anonymous feedback about an employee from the people working most closely with them, such as direct reports, peers, and managers. FinxS Open 360 assessments can assess respondents across small to large businesses. There is no cap on respondents. The assessment has many HR applications, including performance appraisals, success planning, team development, and is an excellent tool for leadership and management development.


Climate and Culture Surveys

Using HR Surveys, managers can measure how the entire organisation, parts of the organisation, or any other related group of people behaves or feels in their current environment. HR Managers can use the survey information to analyse the situation and create a development action plan to improve the organisational culture and climate. 

Get started with Workplace Assessments

How we can help HR consultants

We supply HR and Business Consultants with a wide variety of workplace assessments. Using these tools, consultants can make informed and reliable people decisions to enhance team productivity and enhance organisational performance. 

Our cloud-based platform is accessible 24×7 and allows users to administer all tools from one integrated system. Consultants can view data in real-time, white-label reports and ‘play’ with the data. 

We help consultants whose clients are frustrated with the challenges of workplace behaviour and its effect on productivity and the wellbeing of staff and the organisation. Our workplace tools connect you to the data-driven power of assessments. We help you select the right tools for your current situation and provide the support you need to make smarter talent-related decisions.  


Extended DISC® Assessments

Extended DISC® assessments provide you with information to maximise the performance of organisations. Using Extended DISC® , consultants can further enhance teamwork, communication and development.

We provide consultants with the most intelligent DISC based assessments. Other providers identify and report on fewer behavioural styles than the 160 styles identified by Extended DISC® . Most assessment providers narrow this down to just 16 or even only the four basic styles. Extended DISC® digs deeper into individual behaviours recognising that individuals are more complex than simplified reports distinguish. Using Extended DISC® , you can be sure that you are utilising accurate and precise reports that do not put your employees ‘into a box.’


Sales Competence Assessments

The success of a salesperson is often determined by their natural ability, predispositions, attitude, level of competence and mindset towards sales activities. Their sales ability encompasses all the skills, techniques and behaviours salespeople demonstrate, to be successful in their role. 

Our sales assessments allow consultants to dig deeper into blockers to performance. Sales reports indicate areas in which an individual may need development and the practical coaching tips and development plans provided in the assessment help to jumpstart sales development and progress.


Reasoning Analysis

A Reasoning Analysis test measures a person’s cognitive ability, including how they think, reason and solve problems. These tests evaluate how well a person applies reasoning skills to reading comprehension, working with numbers, finding solutions to problems, abstract thinking, and the ability to learn and use new information.

We partner with HR Consultants who are frustrated with poor talent decisions and job-fit, which results in the high turnover of employees and all the associated costs this brings. Through partnering with consultants, 73% of our clients report recruitment savings of $10,000 to over $50,000. 


Open 360 Feedback Reviews

We provide HR consultants with the most flexible 360-degree review software. Unlike other software, FinxS Open 360s allow you to completely customise your questionnaire, from the scale type to the questions. You do not have to pick from a pre-determined bank of questions. HR Consultants can measure specific criteria related to critical business goals to increase performance, employee engagement and workplace culture.



Climate and Culture Surveys

Using our cloud-based dashboard, consultants can create fully customised, action-orientated surveys. The insights gained from these surveys boost employee engagement, organisational environment, and business culture.

The intuitive and easy to read reports highlight strengths and development opportunities of the organisation. Results can be grouped by organisational division and presented anonymously to facilitate open and transparent dialogue. Consultants can quickly identify areas for development and understand how to better support employees.

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