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Becoming a Reseller

Add value to your toolbox by becoming one of our successful Authorised Resellers. You may be an entrepreneur or someone looking for a great start-up business option, HR Profiling Solutions provides its Authorised Resellers with a unique entrepreneurial opportunity.

Resellers are independent contractors, making their own business decisions, choosing their own locations and hiring their own staff if they want to further grow their business.

Authorised Resellers can provide Extended DISC®®and FinxS solutions to companies, government agencies and non-profit organisations of all sizes. It’s not a franchise (Resellers don’t have exclusive rights in one area and are free to sell anywhere in the world) and there are no royalty, licencing or start up fees. However, you get many of the same benefits of a franchise including on-going support and expertise. You can earn significant income while enjoying the freedom and independence of running your own business.

HR Profiling Solutions is the ONLY authorised distributor of Extended DISC®®®and FinxS products for Australasia. There is however, plenty of opportunity to become one of our resellers and resell our fantastic product line to your own clients as part of your product and service offering.

This is how the process works: Instead of buying a number of reports you purchase points. Points allow usage of any of our reports (which all have different point values). Most Resellers purchase points (there are discounts for volume) and place them ‘in storage’ and then re-sell these points throughout the months. You can buy ahead of time, each month or as you go. Everything is done online, 24/7.

We provide you with a RRP (Recommended Retail Price) and supply you with points at Resellers’ rates (that have a price reduction due to volume purchased). This provides you with the opportunity to generate a profitable income. You are given access to the FinxS operating and administration system and administer your own client base. Here you can also give added value to your clients in learning to use the highly flexible FinxS software (particularly the Report Designer function) to design reports to the precise requirements of your clients.

We make it easy for you with technical FinxS training videos available 24/7 on our website, support in marketing the products, and friendly phone support if required.


Yes! We believe you should always know which data we collect from you and how we use it. We also believe you should have meaningful control over these processes.

HR Profiling and FinxS Oy International already meet our obligations as a data processor. We have implemented strong foundations of certified security and privacy controls in the FinxS Platform and ensure our suppliers also meet these requirements.

These platform enhancements are available in the FinxS Platform and clients will have the responsibility to implement these enhancements if required. For more information on how to do this, please contact HR Profiling.

No! It is the strict policy of HRP to never share data with other individuals or organisations unless it is under a duty to disclose data in order to comply with a legal obligation. When an individual makes a request to access their personal data, we do not grant access until the request has been verified. 

HRP has a policy to store the minimum amount of data needed to service its clients and interact with its prospects in its normal course of business. In addition, any individual who has completed a DISC® Behavioural Assessment in the FinxS Platform has the ‘the right to be forgotten.’ FinxS gives data subjects rights to require the erasure of their personal data.

We’ve implemented a set of certified security processes and controls to help protect the data entrusted to us through the FinxS Online Platform. These measures ensure an appropriate level of security, including confidentiality, taking into account the latest technology and implementation. 

HR Profiling and FinxS Oy International already meet our obligations as a data processor as specified by the GDPR. We have implemented strong foundations of certified security and privacy controls in the FinxS Platform and ensure our suppliers also meet these requirements.


Extended DISC®®® International publishes a validation study every two years. It shows a remarkable consistency in results and has achieved a high Chronbach’s Alpha score each year. An independent study, completed by the University of Oulu, concluded that there was no significant statistical difference between the report results of individuals who completed the Extended DISC®®® questionnaire twice (within a 3 – 24 month time frame).

The successful use of psychometric assessments globally, and the increasing demand for them in the workplace, attests to their usefulness and accuracy in determining behaviours that have a measurable effect on job performance.

Contact us for accurate statistics as identified in the 2019 Extended DISC®® Internation validation study. 

It’s very difficult to manipulate the Extended DISC®®® system. The system has an in-built validation process that can  identify situations where the questionnaire has been manipulated. For someone with an in depth knowledge of the four quadrant model, this could be possible, but in an interview, this should become evident. It is very unusual for reports to be produced that have been deliberately manipulated without detection as we have other means of identifying these situations. These are explained further in our training programmes.

Extended DISC®® Theory

Extended DISC®®® is the methodology behind our behavioural assessments. Extended DISC®®® helps to increase self-awareness and better understand behavioural styles of other people.

The DISC® model was created by William Moulton Marston 100 years ago and identifies four behavioural styles; D-Style (Dominance), I-Style (Influence), S-Style (Steadiness), and C-Style (Compliance). One of the key differences between Extended DISC®® and other DISC® based tools, is it’s ability to recognise and report on 160 styles, giving you a deeper and more accurate insight into a person’s behavioural style.

Also known as Psychometric Test or Behavioural Assessment is used to identify and measure candidates, mental capabilities such as IQ or Logic, and behavioural style i.e. introvert or extrovert.They are also used to measure a candidate’s suitability for a role based on their cognitive abilities and behavioural styles.

Our Psychometric Assessments are similar to Myers Briggs as they are both based on the four quadrant model of human behaviour.

The difference is that Extended DISC®®® recognises and reports on 160 different styles (Myers Briggs reports on just 16 styles) and therefore delves deeper into an individual’s natural behavioural style. Clients worldwide describe Extended DISC®®®as more comprehensive than most competitors’ offerings. Our products also use a different descriptive language and graphics to describe the results which our clients find simple to read and relate to.

The web application, FinxS that clients use to administer their assessments is highly flexible. Reports can be customised to the specific requirements of clients. You can select appropriate competencies (taken from an available database of over 1500) in designing reports that are tailored to measure behaviours that really matter to the job role. You can also request results to be matched against others in Multi-person or Team Reports as well as brand the reports (and answering website) to reflect the look and feel of your own business.

The FinxS web application is continually updated, ensuring the reporting capabilities keep up with the current psychometric assessment demands of industries and businesses.

The three products mentioned in this question are well tested systems, however, some have been around for many years without significant development – something that has been an essential policy for Extended DISC®®®. The web application, FinxS provides unrivalled flexibility enabling you to design your own reports to your specific requirements and to administer your client database.

Extended DISC®® Applications

Our assessments are applicable in many areas. Our primary clients are Business Consultants and Coaches, Recruitment Consultants, Human Resource Consultants and Practitioners, Management Consultants, Employers (large and small businesses), Trainers and Coaches.

We also provide our assessment tools to professional firms (accountants and lawyers), small business owners, universities, training organisations, sports teams and local and Government Departments.

Clients have used our tools successfully in a number of ways; from recruitment, mergers, personal development, leadership development, improving communication, identifying emotional issues and even in matching prospective romantic couples!

Chat with us to discover how Extended DISC®® assessments can fit in your company, email

We are committed to providing the best tools for you and your business. So we can provide you with the solution that meets your specific needs, it would be great to discuss the many options with you and ask how we can set you up with the assessment tools that serve your purposes.

The FinxS Platform enables you to design reports to the specific requirements of clients. We provide Standard Assessments for easy and instant use, but highly accurate and focused reports – that answer directly to the specific needs of an organisation.

No training is required to use our assessment tools at the basic level. We highly recommend attending training to gain access to a host of additional insights and competitive pricing. 

Interested in training? Book here

Extended DISC®® Assessments

The Extended DISC®®® Work Pair is an analysis that combines the results of two Behavioural Assessments. It compares the two people and helps them to learn more about themselves by giving practical ideas regarding how to improve their efficiency when working together.

A Team Analysis is one report that combines individual data for an unlimited amount of people. Information is displayed in the form of a name map and shotgun/flexibility diamonds. The report is used to enhance relationships and the effectiveness of a team.

This user friendly tool enables you to compare a person’s natural behavioural style to important job requirements. Simply draw on the extensive resource in the system of over 1500 competencies, to build your own Job Template. Use the template to measure specific requirements of a role you are looking to fill, identify future leaders or for performance management purposes. The Job Template also allows you to compare multiple individuals against your requirements in the one result.

Job templates are ideal for recruitment, personal development, coaching, development of staff and organisational development.

Competencies are the specific behaviours employers look for in their employees. Documented competencies help employers to identify and communicate key attributes their organisations need to be more effective and successful.

In measuring employee performance, employers often review individual performance of the desired and, in some cases, undesired competencies associated with a position. Measuring competencies can help employees understand what they are doing well and areas for improvement. Competencies tend to provide the framework of a position. Furthermore, they can assist in a constructive discussion about what it takes to be successful in that position. There are over 1500 Behavioural Competencies to choose from in FinxS, and they are continually being updated.

Besides using competencies to help evaluate employees, organisations can use them in recruiting, determining compensation and making effective decisions about training direction and advancements.

FinxS Platform

FinxS is the web application used to create, brand and administer questionnaires. FinxS gives you the freedom to create, view and modify content; create multiple sub-users; order reports and value-added products, such as team and management assessments. It can even create multi-person reports that combine behavioural assessments, Open 360° feedback – even with survey results.

FinxS provides an exciting new platform for human resource specialists, practitioners, business consultants, change managers, trainers and coaches to add value to their clients.

It is easy and only takes 10 minutes or so. Tell us your name, business and contact and invoicing details over the phone (toll free) and we will create an account for you. We then email you with instructions and website link where the questionnaires are answered. We also provide you with an administration account name and password, where if you can view, modify, combine, order etc any number of reports created under your account name. We provide you with full support in learning how to manage your account so you can be in charge and use it to its full potential.

A behavioural assessment is a self-assessment tool for measuring a person’s natural behavioural style. The assessment is administered in the form of a questionnaire and helps people to understand how they communicate and how to communicate with other styles.

There are many value added options available at no additional cost to add further insights about an individual, specific to the requirements of an organisation. Such as how they might perform in a sales or management position.

The behavioural assessment is a pre-requisite for the Team Analysis or Work Pair Assessment.

This depends on the environment of the candidate, if the individual is not experiencing any significant challenges in his/her environment, it is generally two or more years. If you would like to use the individual Behavioural Assessment as part of a Team Analysis, no more than 3 months should elapse between each individual responding to the questionnaire.

The online behavioural questionnaire will take about 10 – 12 minutes. Respondents should answer questions with their first, most spontaneous response. The question and possible responses should be read and understood before an answer is chosen. However, it is also necessary to answer using your most intuitive response.

Upon completion, it only takes a matter of minutes for the results to be sent to the intended recipient. The other questionnaires in FinxS (i.e. Reasoning Analysis, Open 360 and Surveys) can take longer to answer, again the responses once completed only take minutes to appear in an inbox so you can quickly take the next steps and decide on the best course of action going forward.

Sales Competence - FAQs

Yes, seamlessly. 

FinxS® Sales 18 is specifically intended to be used with the FinxS® Sales Competence Assessment. It identifies a sales professional’s natural, hard-wired DISC® behavioural tendencies in the same 18 competences of selling success. It also uncovers the similarities and differences between their natural behavioural style and their current level of competence.

Each of the 18 sales competences is deconstructed into individual behavioural competences to allow for a very clear identification of an individual’s unique sales strengths and development areas. In addition, FinxS® Sales 18 very clearly identifies if sales professionals are performing better than their natural style predicts, or if they are not using their full potential.

There is also a correlation between many of the sales competences and certain behavioural styles measured by the Behavioural Analysis.

The FinxS® Sales Competence Assessment and the DISC® based, FinxS® Sales 18, are designed to measure 18 competences of sales success.  They make a clear connection between hard-wired DISC®-style and the learned sales competences to create a road map to sales success. 

Beyond the competences, the FinxS® Sales Competence Assessment measures the sales professionals’ Mindsets to uncover self-defeating beliefs and attitudes that create obstacles to success in sales.

The concept of the Excuse Index also adds another dimension to interpret the results as it does not focus so much on if one has the competence, but more on how willing one is currently to commit to using the competences in sales.

Finally, the FinxS® Sales Competence Assessment and FinxS® Sales 18 are intuitive so sales professionals and sales managers can use the results with the help of a trained sales coach.  As a result, instead of focusing on how to interpret the results, they can focus on how to use the results.

Typically, this question refers to a lower than expected score.  The respondents rarely question “high” scores.  Also, they may be comparing their scores to the results of other assessments that measure different items using different types of measurement scales.

Firstly, it is critical that the respondents clearly understand the specific definition of the competence.  The definitions are included in the FinxS® Sales Competence Assessment.  Every word of the definition is important.  Very often the respondents use their own definitions of the words (example: “Prospecting” means this to me) and not what the tool is actually designed to measure.

Secondly, the tool measures the current level of competence and how important it is to the respondent right now.  The respondent may have excelled with the competence in the past, but does not perceive it as important to their sales success at the present time.

Finally, the FinxS® Sales Competence Assessment was developed with the philosophy that sales professionals can always improve; they are never “perfect” with no room for development.   It is designed to clearly identify what the sales professionals perceive to be their greatest strengths and in what sales competences they need the most development at the present time.  As a result, the assessment will always identify competences that need development.

The key in developing the questionnaire was the selection and definition of the Sales Competences and Sales Mindsets.  The Sales Competences needed to cover different aspects of sales and be unique enough.  The Sales Mindsets needed to be more like instincts that are natural to some and not natural to another, and at the same time clearly relating to sales behaviour.

Once the selection and definition of the Sales Competences and Sales Mindsets was done, it was time to develop the actual algorithms behind the questionnaire.  The algorithms are classified information and we cannot describe them in more detail.

After the development of the algorithms the development of the actual questions could begin.  The algorithm defined a “character” for each choice in the questionnaire; what Sales Mindset would it relate to, what Sales Competence it should filter into, would it be a real question, a fake question, or an opposite question or excuse question.

The final phase in the development questionnaire was the selection of the actual questions.  The question text needed to correlate with the Sales Mindset/Sales Competence description it related to, not clearly relate to other Sales Mindset/Sales Competence combinations, be unique enough and (naturally) be understandable by a sales person.  Several rounds of iteration were done before the questionnaire was ready for the first round of live testing.