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Extended DISC® Facilitation Support Materials

The goal at HR Profiling Solutions is to assist your organisation in the successful implementation of Extended DISC®. With these DISC Facilitation Support Materials, you can facilitate powerful and engaging DISC Workshops and Training Sessions.

Please note, the Extended DISC® Facilitator Guides are available for Level One Accredited Practitioners ONLY. Please contact the HR Profiling Team or your Master Trainer to purchase any of the support materials.

Types of Facilitator Guides:

  • Leadership Development
  • Building Effective Teams
  • 4-Steps to Effective Communication
  • How to Identify and Sell to your Customers
  • Coach’s Playbook* (The Coach’s Playbook is designed to be used with individuals)

Extended DISC® Facilitator Guides

The Extended DISC® Facilitator Guides are designed to help facilitators conduct successful Extended DISC® workshops. The guides provide you with comprehensive scripts, discussion points, tips and exercises.

The Extended DISC® Communication Facilitator Guide comes with a comprehensive 150 page guide to help you conduct a session centered on the four-step process to effective communication. The Guide also includes a PowerPoint Presentation and handouts.

DISC Card Games

DISC Card Games are designed specifically for coaches, consultants and managers to use in team building situations. The box includes four interactive games that reinforce and enhance learning:

  • DISC Trivia
  • DISC Role Play
  • Match the Adjectives
  • Identify the Styles

DISC Card Games are a practical way to build an understanding of the DISC Styles.

Identify and Communicate - Flip Card

Identify and communicate flip cards are ideal to help your clients and employees implement their knowledge of DISC.

One side of the card provides information and tips on how to identify the four DISC Styles. The other side includes specific tips on how to modify communication with the DISC Styles to ensure effective communication.

Quick Reference Flip cards are available in packs of 100 cards.

Identify and Sell - Wallet-style Cards

These cards provide a quick and easy point of reference for sales professionals to continue to use DISC during any stage of the sales process, including sales calls, emails, and meetings.

One half of the fold out card provides great tips to identify the DISC styles. The other half contains tips to help sell to the different DISC styles.

If you are a coach, consultant or trainer, we recommend using the Identify and Sell cards in sales training sessions.

Identify and Sell Fold Out cards are available in packs of 100.

DISCovering the Styles - Booklet

The DISCovering the Styles booklets are comprehensive and easy-to-use information guides to empower people with knowledge of DISC. 

Content includes:

  • Overview of the DISC Styles
  • How to identify the DISC styles
  • How to improve your communication with the styles
  • How to motivate the styles
  • Decision making styles of the DISC profiles
  • Source and signs of stress
  • Leadership, sales and customer service styles
  • Attitude toward teamwork

DISCovering the Styles booklets are available in packs of 20.


DISCubes serve as an excellent daily reminder of different behavioural styles, their strengths, challenges, fears, and more.

Employees can keep them on their desk as a constant reminder that we are all different. Better yet, quickly glance over “How to approach the specific style” before heading into a meeting with them

Managers’ Support Book

Managers’ Support Book is designed to help managers understand the different behavioural styles of their employees.

It provides suggestions on how to manage and support their team, as well as information about where conflicts might arise and suitable resolution strategies for each behavioural style.

Take your Extended DISC® Workshops to the next level.