Struggling with Employee Retention?

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93% of organisations are concerned about employee retention – 2023 LinkedIn Learning Workplace Learning Report

Why is employee retention so important?

The costs to a business when valued employees leave can be immeasurable. Not only is the loss of their knowledge, experience and expertise hard to quantify, it can also be very difficult to replace. Furthermore, it creates disruption in the workplace and increases the workload of the remaining employees.

Add to this, in some circumstances, the risk of losing clients/customers.

Measurable costs usually include:

How do you minimise the risk of losing valuable employees?

Create a Positive Work Environment

To mitigate the risk of losing valuable employees, it’s crucial to create a positive work environment where every individual feels appreciated and has a sense of achievement. The Extended DISC® Behavioural Assessment offers deep insights into an employees’ behavioral tendencies and how they will perform in different situations. By understanding an employee’s natural behavioural style, managers will have an understanding of what motivates them, the best way to communicate with them, their stress triggers, tasks they are likely to avoid and how to best manage them. Recognising an empolyee’s strengths and development areas will ensure alignment within their roles, enhancing productivity and job satisfaction.

Additionally, there are certain things that every organisation should keep in mind and this is where Extended DISC®, 360s and Survey Tools can further contribute:
  • When employees understand one another’s behavioural styles, mutual respect and positivity will increase.
  • Enhancing productivity through clear and effective communication between managers and their teams.
  • Addressing conflicts or negative dynamics promptly to maintain a healthy work environment.
  • Assessing the workplace atmosphere using tools like Employee Engagement Surveys to identify and address issues.
  • Implementing regular 360 Assessment Surveys for feedback on managers and supervisors, ensuring they adapt based on employee input. 
  • Investing in employee development to address skill gaps and foster professional growth.
Enhance Communication and Build Stronger Work Relationships

Extended DISC® Assessments pinpoint employees’ needs and potential areas of development and help enhance communication and build stronger work relationships. Organisations can make informed adjustments to improve job satisfaction and engagement by understanding behavioural styles. These assessments also detect emotional states and stress factors, providing insights into areas like pressure, insecurity, and the need for guidance or information. Such information is invaluable in supporting employees’ personal and professional development, demonstrating an organisation’s commitment to its workforce.

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