Use Psychometric Testing for Recruitment and Onboarding

Reduce cost, time and disruptions caused by wrong hiring decisions.

Identifying the behavioural styles and cognitive abilities required for the role prior to advertising the vacant position is critical in the selection of applicants. It’s important to match the person with the role and not try and make the person fit the role.

Recruitment Assessment Tools

Job Template

Job Template is a list of behavioural competencies measured against a person’s natural DISC profile. Job templates allow users to identify and prioritise the behaviours for specific job roles that will produce the best outcome for the individual and the employer.

Behavioural Analysis Assessment

Provide a clear understanding of an individual’s natural behavioral style and the types of tasks and activities they feel comfortable undertaking. These factors are valuable when evaluating a candidates’  fit for a role.


Recruitment & Select Report

This is a report for management about a (potential) new hire. If offers information about the candidate’s DISC style and attributes, but also uses the competencies to show a candidate’s relative strengths in administration, project management, leadership, management, customer service and sales. A series of interview questions is also included to give a company more information about their candidate and what motivated them to apply for the role.

FinxS Cognitive Ability Assessments

Cognitive ability tests are meticulously designed to evaluate an individual’s problem-solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills. These abilities are particularly relevant for various roles that demand complex decision-making, problem-solving, or analytical tasks.

Abstract Logical Reasoning
Measures an individual's ability to understand different concepts and identify their interrelationships
Word Association

Measures the ability to rely on written information to understand relationships between different concepts.
Spatial Reasoning

Measures an individual's ability to perceive and understand the spatial relationships between objects or shapes.
Visual Memory
Assesses a candidate's ability to remember and process relevant information.
Numerical Reasoning
Measures an individual's ability to spot relationships and patterns in numerical information.
Verbal Reasoning
Evaluates a candidate's capacity to analyse complex information and accurately comprehend written content.
Mathematical Logical Reasoning
Evaluates a person's ability to interpret and criticise statistical information.
Understanding Logical Processes
Analyses an individual's ability to understand cause-effect relationships.
Understanding Social Context
Measures a candidate's ability to read social situations.

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Why use Assessments in the Recruitment Process?

Improving your recruitment process

Reduce costs, minimise turnover, and make better hiring decisions by leveraging the power of our assessment tools.

Enhance your onboarding process

Our tools extend beyond recruitment to improve new hire retention and productivity. By understanding your new employees’ needs and behaviours, you can create an environment where they feel valued, engaged, and motivated from day one.

Enhance team dynamics

Discover how new candidates fit within your teams. Identify potential areas of tension or gaps in your group dynamics with the Extended DISC® Team Assessment

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