Break-down Barriers that Impede Sales Performance

Evaluate, assess and equip sales teams with skills and strategies to increase sales.

Reasons to use sales development tests

  • Developing salespeople to move through the sale effectively and efficiently
  • Identifying training and coaching opportunities
  • Placing your salespeople in the best role according to their strengths
  • Growing your sales team and scaling your company
  • Reduce sales team turnover
  • Improving sales revenue and your sales team

How to improve a sales team performance?

FinxS® Sales Competency assessment tests and Extended DISC® assessments transform the way that we understand salespeople. The insights from these assessments allow coaches and trainers to target sales competencies and behaviours that are coachable and, ultimately, can be improved.

Sales assessments support teams to achieve higher levels of confidence and motivation.

  • Recognise the strengths and development areas of salespeople
  • Identify the current level of sales competence
  • Pinpoint areas that can be developed rapidly by identifying activities that come naturally to your salespeople
  • Measure underlying sales mindsets
  • Learn how to communicate more effectively with the DISC Styles to increase sales

Sales Assessment and Tools

The Extended DISC® model easily applies to sales due to its simplicity and accuracy

Using Extended DISC® theory in sales allows sales professionals to quickly and easily identify customer styles and adapt the sales pitch to their behavioural style. A DISC assessment can be used to identify an individuals sales motivators, their reasons for making buying decisions and to help you close the sale.

Sales training centred in DISC theory teaches salespeople that to be successful, they need to understand their own sales style, and also identify and adjust to their clients’ DISC styles. Sales training provides salespeople with the skills to identify the behavioural type of their customer or prospect and how to tweak their sales pitch to enhance the sales process and motivate a buying decision. These skills help salespeople successfully facilitate customer-centric interactions that improve sales results.

The DISC Sales and Service assessment identifies the sales behavioural style of your people so you can ensure they are in the right roles.

FinxS® Sales Competence Assessment

The FinxS® Sales Competence measures a sales professional’s natural predispositions, attitude, level of competence and mindset towards 18 competencies in the sales process.

Coaches and trainers can identify competences crucial to their organisation, assess the sales team and highlight strengths and areas for development and coaching to jumpstart development and progress.

The assessment identifies:

  • The individuals current level of sales competence 
  • Strengths and weaknesses in 18 critically important sales competences.
  • Underlying sales mindsets
  • Their sales Excuse Index®
  • A salesperson’s inclination toward sales roles
  • Competence match between a salesperson’s current ability and the sales process

There are three Sales Competency Reports available that can be generated from one questionnaire

FinxS® Sales Competence Development Reports indicate areas in which an individual may need development and provides practical coaching tips and development plans to enhance sales performance.

Sales Competence Recruitment Report identifies a salesperson’s strengths and development areas in 18 areas critical to sales success and how well matched they are for the job role.

The Sales Manager Report evaluates a salespeople’s strengths and development areas in each stage of the sales process.

What makes our reports different?

Compare learned skills against natural sales tendencies

We are the only assessment provider in Australia that can compare learned skills against natural sales tendencies with our Sales Competence Assessment.

The FinxS® Sales 18 report does what no other sales assessment can and connect a salespersons Sales Competence level to their DISC behavioural style. The combination of the two assessments gives recruiters, trainers and coaches compelling insight into whether a candidate can quickly develop specific skills or if they are working against their natural behavioural style.

The Finxs® Sales Competence Report can measure how likely a salesperson is to make excuses and focus on non-sales related tasks which is referred to as the Sales Excuse Index. Sales managers can identify salespeople who stay focused on activities that will directly produce sales outcomes, leading to a focused and productive sales team.

Sales Competence Team reports deliver managers with a high level overview of the team. The reports provide big picture insights to make better decisions, develop the sales team, enhance productivity, and ultimately increase sales.  Once your salespeople have completed the questionnaire, there are seven team assessments available to sales managers at no additional cost. 

Are you a Sales Coach or Sales Trainer?

Find out more about how to become a distributor of the FinxS Sales Assessments to expand your product offering and to acquire more clients.

Sales Competence Accreditation

The Sales Competence Accreditation equips sales coaches and managers with the skills to interpret and apply the Sales Competence Assessments to hire new sales people and develop an existing salesforce. During the accreditation, we explore the 18 Sales Competencies, Sales Mindsets, Job Roles and Excuse Index to understand how to apply this in-depth assessment to the workplace. Learn how to integrate the Extended DISC® Assessments with the Sales Competence Assessment to understand how a person’s DISC style may impact their sales success.