Create and Administer Surveys with Ease

Collect feedback regarding organisational climate, customer experience, employee engagement and more…

The HR Survey platform is designed specifically for HR professionals and business consultants to use in a workplace setting. Surveys allow HR professionals to create fully customisable, action-orientated workplace surveys that measure employee engagement and satisfaction, the organisational climate, and customer satisfaction. The survey results enable organisations to formulate an action and development plan to enhance performance.

The survey platform is straightforward and easy to use. It eliminates administrative frustrations by automating the process and collating the results. The questionnaire collects individual opinions objectively and organises them in ways that best fit your organisation needs. Design your surveys to understand a specific team or organisation’s strengths, opportunities and development areas.

The flexibility of the online platform FinxS allows you to create customised workplace surveys to suit your specific business goals and needs. Get off the ground quickly using one of HR Profiling’s pre-designed Climate, Engagement or Customer Satisfaction Surveys or create your own! Customise the rating scale, add multi-choice questions or create space for open-ended feedback.

Survey Features

“Play” around with the results until you have a format that is applicable

Automation – Invitation, reminder, and thank you emails sent automatically to respondents

Customisation – Create and design your unique questionnaire. Off the shelf questionnaires also available

Reporting – Compare engagement and satisfaction levels across teams and departments to identify attrition issues

Brand Reports with your company logo and colours and to make it feel like your own software.

Unlimited response groups and respondents 

Team Segmentation – Set up and manage respondent groups based on team, organisational division, or location.

Track and compare data and performance year on year to identify where development is happening, and extra support is needed.

How HR surveys can help businesses?

Uncover Trends

Recognise common emerging patterns amongst employees and customers. Based on the results develop a plan to enhance employee satisfaction, engagement and brand loyalty.

Measure Current Company Performance

Collect and analyse data to form a development action plan.  Gather employee feedback on a regular basis to contribute to on-going development of company performance. Use HR surveys on an annual or biannual basis and compare insights from year to year track and measure development efforts. 

Understand your Customers

Consumers expect a smooth experience with your company. Positive levels of customer satisfaction are robust predictors of customer retention and brand loyalty. Invite your customers to provide feedback about your products, services and experience to capture their level of satisfaction. Draw on these data-driven insights to understand why a customer enjoyed their experience with your organisation and eliminate factors that may harm customer satisfaction.

Develop Employee Satisfaction

Organisations with an engaged workforce outperform their competitors. Engagement strategies help to reduce staff turnover, retain top talent, increase productivity rates, and improve workplace culture. The most effective way to obtain feedback and accurately measure employee engagement is by using an employee engagement survey. Feedback from the survey can demonstrate what drives employee engagement in the workplace so you can replicate and reinforce these initiatives across the broader organisation.

Assess your workforce.