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What is a Sales Development Assessment?

The sales development assessment is an assessment and coaching tool designed to develop salespeople. The sales development test is a validated tool used to measure a person’s ability in 18 sales skills. It will reveal an individual’s selling strengths and find areas that need developing. When your salespeople develop the identified sales skills, your sales team will move the sale forward more quickly and increase the bottom line. The sales development tool transforms the way organisations understand their salesforce and provides powerful insights to develop sales performance.

Natural ability, predispositions, competence level and sales mindsets contribute to the success of a salesperson. The sales development assessment combines all these attributes into one report, allowing sales managers and coaches to develop their people and increase the productivity of their salesforce.

The sales development test, also known as a sales skills assessment, measures eighteen competencies critical to a sales person’s job performance. The test also reports on their mindset toward sales and their tendency to make excuses on the job. The sales development assessment highlights areas in which an individual may need development and connects these to mindsets for more in-depth growth. The report contains practical coaching tips, and the development plans provided in the assessment help jumpstart sales development and progress.

How to Develop Sales Skills with Sales Development Assessment

Sales development covers the process and team that focuses on the early stages of the sales cycle, including prospecting, initial engagement, and lead qualification. A sales process and team may also cover the post-sale steps such as business expansion and repeat processes. The sales development team focuses on moving leads through the sales pipeline.

To develop sales skills with a sales development assessment, determine which qualities and competencies you require your salespeople to have to succeed in the sales position. Next, you will need to evaluate your team using the sales development test to measure your salespeople’s current level of competence. Finally, use the insights from the sales development assessment to help create unique individual development plans to build a roadmap to top performance. Use the unique coaching questions based on individual scores for reflection and development. You can take development to the next level by combining the natural hard-wired DISC behavioural style and current level of competence to discover the similarities and differences between the two. The Sales IQ test automatically combines DISC style and sales competence into one easy-to-read report. The intelligent algorithms assess the differences between what your natural style predicts and your present competency level to discover if you are performing better than your natural style through development or not using your full potential.

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Get down to insights that really make an impact in your training and coaching. Quickly and efficiently identify strengths and opportunities for development and increase the productivity of your salesforce.

Why Use Assessments in Sales Development?

It takes a lot to succeed in sales. Not only do you need the proper training and experience, but you also need the right mindsets and sales skills. You also need empathy, persistence, and hunger. You need to understand your prospects and how to guide them through the sales process. Assessments in Sales Development provide coaches and managers with objective and validated scientific data to develop salespeople.

There are many reasons to use sales development tests, including:

  • Developing salespeople to move through the sale effectively and efficiently
  • Identifying training and coaching opportunities
  • Placing your salespeople in the best role according to their strengths
  • Growing your sales team and scaling your company
  • Reduce sales team turnover
  • Improving sales revenue and your sales team

We recommend using the FinxS Sales Competence Assessment results as a foundation for individual development plans and ongoing coaching. With this sales development tool, you will build better self-awareness among your salespeople, assess their strengths and development areas, and ensure they get the support they need to succeed within your company. The results of your salesperson’s test may show that they are not the strongest when it comes to building rapport with a prospect, but with focused training and the support of a strong sales team and manager, they may have a promising chance of growing those skills. The sales development test gets straight to development areas and puts an end to wasting your time, energy and company money on unnecessary training and coaching.

Sales Development Assessment Questions

Answers from the sales development questionnaire provide the basis of the sales development assessment. The sales development test is a forced-choice questionnaire, also known as ipsative style, meaning respondents are given a set of statements and select the one that best relates to them. Respondents have 99 statements to answer the sales development test. Although the questionnaire is not timed, we recommend respondents set aside 30 minutes of uninterrupted time to answer the questionnaire.

The sales development questionnaire is specifically designed for salespeople who have a minimum of six months of sales experience. Some of the questions may be difficult for respondents to answer if they have never had experience in a sales position.

Sales Development Assessment Answers

When completing the sales development questionnaire, we recommend the respondents answer while thinking of themselves in their current sales position. If the salesperson is in between jobs and completing the questionnaire in a recruitment situation, we recommend considering themselves in their previous sales position. When completing the questionnaire, respondents are given two statements per question and are asked to select the one they feel describes them the best. For example:

Think of yourself when selling. Of the two options, select the one that describes you better.

  • I have the mindset of a hunter who is always looking for new business opportunities
  • I am an impatient listener who likes to take the conversation forward

Respondents may find some of the questions challenging. If they feel neither of the statements describes them exactly, we recommend they pick the statement that is more like them. 

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