Level 2 - Extended DISC® Accreditation

Gain a deeper understanding of Extended DISC®  and its applications in the workplace.

Looking for a deeper understanding of Extended DISC®?

The level two course is suited to any Level One Extended DISC® Practitioner looking for a deeper understanding of Extended DISC®, and it’s applications to business. It offers a holistic analysis of an individual, team or organistion, by incorporating the use of multiple Extended DISC® assessments and other other complimentary assessment tools. The knowledge gained from Level Two Accredited Consultant training will translate to all aspects of business and personal life.

Attendees must have completed the Level 1 training before participating in the Level 2 training.

Course Content

The training consists of five modules that have been designed to help solve people and productivity issues that affect performance and profitability.

Each module is between three and four hours in length and split over a 5 days.

Participants may choose to attend training in all modules or select only those relevant to the needs of their workplace.

Grow and Develop

The first module covers the application of Extended DISC® into self- discovery and personal development. HR Profiling Solutions introduce the Extended DISC® Grow and Development assessment and explain how consultants commonly use this assessment to create a clear understanding of an individual’s behavioural style. These insights then enable us to develop personal development and coaching action plan.

Team and Build

Learn how to build a more cohesive and effective team using the extensive insights from the Extended DISC® Team and Build assessment. Understand how each individual reacts to being a team player based on their behavioural style and their likely role in the team. Learn how the scope of Extended DISC® behavioural styles covers the required tasks for the team to meet their goals using the Extended DISC® Diamond.

Lead & Manage

The Extended DISC® Lead and Manage assessment provides extensive insights into an individual’s natural leadership and management style, whether they are an existing leader or have future potential. Learn how the different styles lead and be introduced to some of the other FinxS tools to enhance the understanding of Leadership and Management styles.

Recruit and Select

In this module, HR Profiling will look at the Extended DISC® Recruit and Select assessment and how it can help predict how an applicant is likely to perform in the role before they are hired. Participants will learn what sort of work environment each behavioural style prefers and the tasks that best suit their behavioural style. Additionally, the Job Template will be explored that offers valuable insights into a tailored role or industry and highlights the significant value it can bring to the process.

Sales and Service

The last module looks at the Extended DISC® Sales and Service assessment. HR Profiling looks at the different behavioural styles and what sort of selling or even customer service, to which they are most suited.

Exploring ways for salespeople to identify the behavioral style of their customer or prospect allows for adjusting the sales pitch, thereby improving the sales process and encouraging a buying decision.

Enhance workplace productivity. Become accredited in Extended DISC®.

Upcoming Level 2 DISC Accreditation Dates


2-4, 9-10 September

Time: 9am – 12pm AEST; 11am-2pm NZST

19- 20 November

Location: Online
Time: 9am -12am AEST; 11am-2pm NZST

*Team & Build and Lead & Manage Modules Only 

How is the training delivered?


Participate in  a comprehensive two-day session at a nominated venue. Benefit from expert facilitation and collaborative learning with HR professionals from various industries, gaining direct access to trainers and interacting with fellow participants.

In-House Certification

Do you have a team that needs to be trained? HR Profiling travels to the nominated business or venue or host an online certification where it is not possible to travel. The in-house option provides the opportunity to tailor the training to the organisations exact needs.

Virtual Certification

Virtual certification comprises 5x (3-4 hour) video conference sessions with HR Profiling’s Master Trainer. This eliminates the need for travel, and the five half-day formats accommodate participants’ work and personal commitments.