Create a Productive and Cohesive Workforce.

Utilise psychometrics to optimise people’s potential and increase profits by understanding, motivating and developing your employees.

Workplace Assessment Solutions

Extended DISC® Assessments

Right people in the right roles? Improve communication, build strong cooperative teams, develop adaptable leaders, get everyone working to their natural strengths.

Sales Competence Assessments

Discover where salespeople are at! See how they rate against 18 critical sales competences, identify mindsets, strengths, specific development areas, ideal sales role matches.

Cognitive Ability Tests

Nine tests that reveal cognitive agility, competence, speed and accuracy in different areas of the professional environment.


Open 360s

Gather feedback from peers, direct reports and managers anonymously! Use the findings of the 360 survey to develop leaders, salespeople and teams.


Workplace issues? Wanting feedback? Discover the feeling on the ground with an engagement survey.

FinxS® Online Platform

FinxS is a cloud-based online platform that powers workplace assessment tools in one integrated system.

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Book a complimentary consultation with one of our team to discuss how Extended DISC® can enhance your organisational performance.

FinxS Online Platform

FinxS is a cloud-based online platform that powers workplace assessment tools in one integrated system:

  • Get reports instantaneously
  • API integration capable
  • Customise reports
  • White label reports
  • GDPR compliant
  • Questionnaires available in over 80 languages

Extended DISC® Accreditation

Get DISC accredited to enhance the understanding of human behaviour, to solve workplace problems and to increase professional credibility.
Gain the confidence to deliver and debrief Extended DISC® profiles, facilitate Extended DISC® workshops and to tailor your coaching and training to your audience’s needs.

What Our Customers are Saying

Brett Honisett
Brett HonisettL & D Manager-Europcar
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The HR Profiling team have provided excellent service and support and have gone above and beyond on many occasions. Their training for Level 1 Practitioner and Level 2 Consultant is excellent and has allowed us to fully utilise Extended DISC® and apply it to the organisation.
Rob Hartnett
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The new Sales Competency Tools from Extended DISC® are outstanding. Breakthrough assessments of mindset, excuse index and the ability to map competency to behaviours makes this suite of tools a must if you are in B2B sales recruitment or sales professional development.

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