Extended DISC® expands upon the traditional DISC model by identifying and reporting on individual’s unconcious (natural) and concious (adjusted) behavioural style.

What gives Extended DISC® it’s Leading Edge?

1. It identifies a person’s unconscious behavioural style and their perceived need to adjust.

Compared to other DISC based tools, Extended DISC® Behavioural Analysis goes more deeply into a person’s behaviour, measuring something more unconscious, stable, and natural than DISC tools traditionally have done. 

Extended DISC® reports on 160 different behavioural styles, providing organisations with a sharply accurate assessment of the behavioural tendencies of their staff, presented within a framework that is simple to understand.

What sets the Extended DISC® Behavioural Analysis apart from other assessments is its ability to measure unconscious behaviour by excluding the impact of the environment. As a result, a person’s natural behavioural style, as well as the adjustment they’re making to their current environment, are determined.

2. Indicates underlying emotions such as stress, pressure, frustration, insecurity and much more.

Extended DISC® tools allow consultants and managers to understand how people are really feeling at the time of assessment. When communicating with employees, it’s difficult to tell if they are demotivated, stressed, frustrated or unsure of their role. Extended DISC® behavioural assessments help identify these emotional issues and provide a framework for discussion.

3. Is highly validated with an in-built validity check

Extended DISC® Assessments are one of the most highly validated and reliable workplace assessments. Extended DISC® International completes a validation study bi-annually to ensure the results are reliable. In cases where the reliability of the results cannot be guaranteed, the Extended DISC® assessment complies with strict internal rules which prevent a results’ report from being generated.

4. The reports are fully customisable and can be branded.

Different elements can be included or excluded in the reports to meet a company’s unique needs and applications – the only DISC assessments in the world that allow their users to do this. Not only can we help you design specific reports, we can also include your company’s own brand, graphics and logos to personalise the reports.

5.Generate team reports and other organisational DISC reports at no additional cost.

Once a person completes the questionnaire just once, you can create multiple Extended DISC® reports at no additional costs such as, leadership, communication, teams, recruitment reports and much more.

6. Reports available in gender-neutral options.

7. Questionnaire is available in over 80 languages.

81% of our clients have experienced a significant increase in self-awareness in themselves and their teams since using an Extended DISC® workplace assessment.

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