Enhance your Selection Process with Cognitive Ability Assessments

Select from nine cognitive assessments, each measuring a person’s speed and accuracy related to thinking and reasoning in multiple workplace areas and roles.

Cognitive Ability Tests, or Aptitude Tests, are frequently used in employment situations, and particularly in recruitment, to evaluate an individual’s current capability level – their ability to learn, solve problems and process information on the job. Completing a Cognitive Ability or Aptitude Test for recruitment removes unconscious bias from the selection process and assists organisations to make reliable hiring decisions.

HR Profiling Solutions specialise in supporting companies during the recruitment process and in getting the right people in the right roles, be they new recruits or existing staff members. An aptitude test allows employers to make more reliable hiring decisions, predict performance and an individual’s working style and decrease employee turnover. Aptitude tests can also be used to identify strengths and development areas.

HR Profiling Solutions, offer a range of Cognitive Ability (Aptitude) Tests which employers can handpick according to the skills required for the role in question. Each test is timed and provides data on a candidate’s speed and accuracy. It is recommended that employers select 3-5 of the most relevant tests.

Discover our Range of Cognitive Assessments

Abstract Logical Reasoning
Measures an individual's ability to understand different concepts and identify their interrelationships
Word Association

Measures the ability to rely on written information to understand relationships between different concepts.
Spatial Reasoning

Measures an individual's ability to perceive and understand the spatial relationships between objects or shapes.
Visual Memory
Assesses a candidate's ability to remember and process relevant information.
Numerical Reasoning
Measures an individual's ability to spot relationships and patterns in numerical information.
Verbal Reasoning
Evaluates a candidate's capacity to analyse complex information and accurately comprehend written content.
Mathematical Logical Reasoning
Evaluates a person's ability to interpret and criticise statistical information.
Understanding Logical Processes
Analyses an individual's ability to understand cause-effect relationships.
Understanding Social Context
Measures a candidate's ability to read social situations.
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