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FinxS is the world’s most powerful online assessment system. Eliminate admin frustrations and administer workplace behavioural assessments from one integrated cloud-based dashboard.

What is the FinxS Online Platform?

FinxS an SaaS people-analytics dashboard, is a bespoke online assessment platform that powers our assessment tools provides Business Coaches, Consultants, HR Managers and Business Leaders with access to a customisable suite of workplace assessments. Using these tools you can make informed and reliable talent decisions to enhance team productivity and organisational performance. 

The FinxS online assessment system focuses on helping companies evaluate and analyse the skills and behaviours of current and future employees through a series of HR assessment tools. It offers a wide range of other online profiling tests to help businesses make better people decisions and manage their talent. The tools provide practical insights from everything from Sales, Recruitment and through to Leadership.

The cloud-based platform, FinxS, is accessible 24×7 and allows users to administer all tools from one integrated system. Consultants and managers can view data in real-time, white-label reports and ‘play’ with the data.

Get in-house access to:

  • Extended DISC® Assessments
  • Sales Competence Assessments
  • Cognitive Ability test
  • 360 Feedback
  • HR Surveys

Language Options

There are 70+ languages and reports use gender neutral language

API Capability

Connect our assessments to your dashboard through
API Technology

GDPR Compliant

The FinxS Platform fully complies with all GDPR regulations

Server Reliability

Recieve reports almost instantly from the server. Experience no frustrations

Turn insights into actions that drive the organisational success. 

    • Automatically alert the right people, in the right teams, and on the right channels with notifications
    • Automate any action – create a ticket, send a message, send an incentive reward, share a result of a study or create a follow-up action from a result
    • Solve people problems quickly and track strategic improvements over time

FinxS: One System, Unlimited Uses

Personalised for every user, the FinxS Dashboard puts you in control. 

Customisation options and user metrics enhance your FinxS experience. Stay in touch with the latest updates from Extended DISC® International and HR Profiling Solutions with the Message Hub.

  • View your tool usage metrics
  • Monitor active 360 and Survey projects
  • Receive updates from Extended DISC® International and HR Profiling Solutions regarding new developments

Personalised Dashboard

FinxS Open Preview supports live on-screen viewing of reports and assessments. Gain reliable and practical data to make informed people decisions and enhance organisational performance.

View results in real time and compare across teams or the entire organisation. View assessment data against graphics, competences, behavioural descriptors,ideal jobs and more!

FinxS Open Preview

Put your brand at the forefront, not ours. FinxS provides you to completely white label assessments. Design your own cover and add your brand specifications.

FinxS offers you the capability to design more focused reports to meet the specific requirements of individual clients. This includes content, format and branding. Create fully customised reports to ensure you capture the data you need.

Customised Reports

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FinxS Workplace Assessment Tools

Extended DISC® Assessments

Right people in the right roles? Improve communication, build strong cooperative teams, develop adaptable leaders, get everyone working to their natural strengths.

Sales competence assessment

Discover where your salespeople are at! See how they rate against 18 critical sales competences, identify mindsets, strengths, specific development areas, ideal sales role matches.

Cognitive ability test

Identify top performers! Nine tests that reveal cognitive agility, competence, speed and accuracy in different areas of the professional environment.

Open 360s

Gather feedback from peers, direct reports and managers anonymously! Use the findings of your 360 survey to develop your leaders, your salespeople and your teams.


Workplace issues? Wanting feedback? Discover the feeling on the ground with an engagement survey.

FinxS online platform

Get to the bottom of people problems, quickly and confidently, with FinxS, a groundbreaking online assessment platform.

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