DISC Styles at Christmas: Decorating the Tree


DISC Styles at Christmas: Decorating the Tree

How different would a Christmas tree look if it were decorated by each of the styles?

D Styles

D Styles prefer to decorate the tree their way. They will direct others to
hang the decorations exactly how they envision.

D Styles thrive off achievement and competition. They aim to have the
tallest and most lush tree with an abundance of expensive decorations. 

I Styles

The social, positive and optimistic I Styles will make sure that everyone
is involved in decorating the tree.

You can guarantee the process will be fun and exciting. An abundance
of fairy lights and sparkly decorations of all colours and sizes will litter the tree.


S Styles

S Styles are patient and supportive types. They would rather help others achieve
their vision. Trees decorated by S Styles will be tidy and more subdued than that
of the other styles.

S styles value close relationships, if their friends or family have gifted them
decorations, these will be placed front and center of the tree.


C Styles

C Styles will have completed lots of research to prepare for decorating the
Christmas tree. This includes, the size of the tree they need, whether to go
for a real tree or a fake tree and different tree colours. The colour scheme
will reflect traditional red, green and gold Christmas colours.

C styles are very precise. The tree would be perfectly
decorated, with straight lines and even gaps between decorations and lights.