FinxS: The Integrated HR Tool


Any organisation relies on systems and processes to run efficiently. Most startups tend to select a variety of tools to avoid the high costs of integrated systems. Although this may work with a small workforce, you may need to think about integrated hr tools to maintain efficiency as your business expands. Subscribing to numerous individual tools may seem like a great idea – especially for your budget. However, you may experience problems from adopting such a tactic. Each tool needs particular attention and updating, which will lead to employee inefficiency and a possible negative effect on productivity. The benefits of hr system integration becomes apparent in such situations.

What is an Integrated HR Tool?

An integrated HR tool combines several tools into one easy to access platform or application. All your previous independent hr tools will now work together as a whole. Combining different tools into an integrated HR system ensures that your data is processed in one place, all results are grouped together, and time is not wasted updating multiple applications. For example, you may have been using a survey tool, 360 feedback assessment and DISC assessments from separate suppliers. Switching to a supplier with an integrated hr toolset will make these workplace assessments easier to administer and manage and significantly reduce your frustrations of having datasets in several places.

If you are using multiple assessments across your Human Resources and Learning and Development departments, we highly recommend switching to an integrated HR system, such as FinxS. FinxS is an SaaS people-analytics dashboard. It is a bespoke online assessment platform that powers multiple assessment tools. The cloud-based platform, FinxS, is accessible 24×7 and allows users to administer HR assessment tools from one integrated hr system.

Why are Integrated HR Tools Important?

Businesses can struggle to manage the ever-expanding data they collect from their people, clients, and suppliers, especially if they start to expand rapidly. A third of HR professionals said they are spending up to 10 hours a month updating and transferring data between HR systems. When your assessment tools aren’t connected, it can be very time-consuming to manage them. Using an integrated hr tool will increase efficiency and effectiveness whilst reducing the disruption of having data in various places. Whether you want to align employee survey feedback with your integrated HR software, gauge client satisfaction, or administer 360 feedback, an integrated approach will help you reach your objectives.

FinxS Online Platform: Integrated HR Tools

FinxS is an integrated system of human resource tools, and is the most advanced online psychometric system. The FinxS Online Platform takes psychometric profiling to a new and exciting level, unparalleled by any other system available. FinxS enables companies to produce reports that look professional and can be as comprehensive or simple as you need. FinxS provides exceptional additional insights about individuals and/or a team all at no extra cost – a must for workplace assessments.

The objective of human resource analytics is to provide consultants or managers with an understanding of employee issues that impact on the performance of an organisation. The main challenge for the human resource professional is to identify what data should be captured and how to use the information gathered to improve performance and reach pre-defined targets.

Most organisations obtain the necessary data through different products and reports, and often from different suppliers in different formats. Few offer an integrated process that provides consultants/managers with interrelated reports that enable them to focus on the real issues from the commencement of the project through to completion. FinxS reports can achieve this. Let’s look at the four step process using the FinxS System.  


Step One: HR Survey

Complete necessary diagnostic surveys. The FinxS HR Surveys are highly flexible and provides Climate Surveys, Employee Feedback, Customer Feedback, Customer Research, Market Research, Customer Service Support Surveys.

Step Two: Open 360 Feedback

Focus on individuals involved. Our Open 360 reports, along with all our other integrated FinxS reports, are very flexible. Questionnaires can contain multiple question groups, such as “develops”, “manages”, “envisions”, “communicates”, “motivates”, “delegates”, “relates, “models”, “leadership”.etc when obtaining feedback on various individuals. There are multiple report viewing options through the FinxS System. 

Step Three: Extended DISC® Behavioural Analysis

Drill down further into individual behaviours/competencies. Customised reports can be designed for various roles and positions. There is a database of over 1500 competencies to choose from in creating focused assessments. The format and content is highly flexible, with options to add text boxes, images and tips throughout.

These reports provide a valuable database for future planning, identifying those requiring training in their current role and/or identifying positions that would suit their behavioural style better than their current role. The ability of these reports to recognise individuals who are working outside their comfort zone again provides consultants with correction opportunities. 

The FinxS Online Platform offers many different options to gain invaluable insights about an individual. Once you have captured the data for an individual using the Behavioural Assessment, place their result against any other off the shelf or uniquely customised assessment at no additional cost!

Step Four: Team Analysis

Consider the composition of teams and their effectiveness through team profiling. Once data on an individual is captured through the online questionnaire, any number of team reports can be produced at no extra cost. Simply add or remove members as the team changes with the Teams Database.

The content and format is again flexible, and tailored to the requirements of the project. The team reports contain a wide range of information which again can be customised to focus on leadership impact and provide the information necessary as a base to design leadership and management training. Compare the behavioural styles of the team members, focusing on their role in a team environment and the communication challenges