Three Steps to a Successful Team


This month’s Extended DISC® Success Story is all about successful team profiling. Naturally, we had to have Wayne Dellow of Good Communications Ltd, spill the beans.

Wayne has been a respected and sought after business coach for more than 15 years. For 11 of those years he has been using Extended DISC® assessment and our new online platform FinxS, to help build successful teams of all shapes and sizes. Wayne uses Extended DISC® extensively as part of his Team Development offering. The DISC Team Analysis is a useful tool to identify a team’s preferred way of doing things, including their natural strengths and areas of development.

Wayne’s Steps to build a Successful Team:

Step One: Put all individuals through the Individual DISC Assessment. This allows the members to identify their DISC profile and helps to increase their levels of self-awareness.

Step Two: Generate a DISC Team Analysis from the FinxS System to discuss how the individuals work together and where any compatibility/friction may appear.

Step Three (Optional): If there are individual training needs Wayne will then put a candidate’s results against a customised FinxS Assessment (i.e. leadership, communications, and sales report etc.).

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What are the Outcomes of this Process?

Wayne admits there are “definitely some people who get a shock to realise how others see them. Naturally we assume that everyone thinks and acts the same, but this is not the case – what one says and what someone else hears is not always the same thing.”

During one of his training sessions, Wayne discovered that, a high D-Style person had no idea that his team members, who were a mix of S & C Styles, thought him to be very rude. This was because he did not make time for conversation (n.b. If you’re an I or S style, you’ll know this is a very important aspect of your day!). “Once I ran the team debrief, the “high D then modified their behaviour to incorporate the other team members more. The S/C Styles came to understand that they shouldn’t take the ‘getting on with tasks attitude’ as a personal attack.”

After Wayne’s 11 years of success stories, would he still recommend Extended DISC® to other companies? “No question!” he replies “Extended DISC®/FinxS doesn’t just look at who I am trying to be, but who I actually am. “

“In an ideal world I would suggest every person has an Extended DISC® profile done, however (as a minimum) I would suggest those in senior positions should be profiled, and not just as a one-off. Lessons learned should be utilised every day and constantly refined.”


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