What Careers Are Good For Steady DISC Personality Style


Choosing the right career path is difficult. There are hundreds if not thousands of possible careers. Choosing a career can be overwhelming and frustrating when you do not know what you want to do. Narrowing down and deciding on a career path to follow is one of the most significant decisions you can make. When making this decision, you should consider different factors before deciding which career to pursue. One of the best tools to help you find a career is a DISC personality test. Your DISC profile personality type can provide a lot of information regarding the types of jobs you would be great at doing.

DISC Personality Types Careers

Many career consultants use DISC assessments to help their clients evaluate career options. The assessment evaluates a person’s behavioural response by focusing on four primary areas: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. The assessment identifies whether you are people or task-oriented or work based on your feelings over your thoughts. Very few individuals have only one dominant style. Most others have a combination of traits. 

The assessment helps evaluate whether a high pace career or a slower pace of work may better suit your DISC personality type. The results also provide insight into other personality traits, such as your motivators, preferred work environment, and ideal manager. Your DISC personality types careers fit your strengths and mean you will likely enjoy your chosen career and excel in that area quickly and easily. These insights make it a reliable source for those seeking a job that accommodates their preferences and tendencies.

It’s important to note that your DISC personality type does not limit your career opportunities in any way. Any DISC personality style can do anything. DISC assessments simply help you understand what behaviours will take energy and which come naturally to you.

Best Careers For DISC Personality Types

Best careers for D type personalities: D personality types are one of the four primary DISC styles. They are strongly goal-oriented and have a significant drive for success. Type D personalities focus on results and thrive in a fast-paced environment. They make efficient and direct decisions and like working with people who allow them to achieve their goals independently. D types take on responsibility and enjoy creating new systems and controlling activities. D styles tend to choose career paths that allow them to increase their authority and influence. They require freedom from routines and prefer to oversee things from above. For these reasons, the best careers for D type personalities are project managers, CEOs, coaches, operations managers, and personal trainers.

Best careers for I type personalities: I personality types have excellent socialisation skills due to their outgoing, friendly nature. They surround themselves with other people and engage others in conversations while maintaining a pleasant atmosphere. I styles relate well with others which allows them to motivate and influence people. Their positive energy creates a meaningful and inspiring work environment. I DISC types prefer unstructured and creative work environments. They require consistent interaction with others and choose career paths that allow them to contact and collaborate with others. For these reasons, the best careers for I type personalities include design, artistry, training managers, and realtors.

Best careers for S type personalities: S personality types are great at making others feel comfortable and relaxed. They are highly empathetic and have a natural awareness of others which, coupled with their patient attitude, makes them excellent peacemakers. S styles excel in creating long-lasting relationships built on trust and reliability. S DISC types find it important to be part of a team as it provides them with security and continuity. They thrive in careers that provide them with consistent, stable work that involves connecting with repeat clients. For these reasons, the best careers for S type personalities are counsellors, social workers, human resources managers, customer relations, and executive assistants.

Best careers for C type personalities: C personality types require a large amount of independence and the possibility to concentrate on their tasks. C styles also need a significant amount of detail and written information. They have an analytical approach to their work environment which makes them great at quality control. C type people ask questions, have a systematic approach to projects and are great problem-solvers. C styles prefer career paths that provide them with a highly structured environment, exact instructions and rules. They need to be able to utilise their professional skills and knowledge. For this reason, the best careers for C type personalities are electricians, IT consultants, accountants, engineers, and software developers.

DISC Personality Types And Careers

Your DISC personality type can help inform your career path and choice. The more closely aligned your DISC personality type and career are, the more you will find the work engaging and the happier you are likely to be. When choosing a career, it’s important to recognise your DISC style and align your natural behavioural preferences to the types of tasks and responsibilities required of typical jobs within your chosen career path. Below is an overview of the DISC personality types and careers they naturally suit.

  • D personality styles have a natural affinity towards management, delegation and results. They tend to perform well in management or coaching positions. D styles also exceed in sales roles. 
  • I personality styles are excellent with people and roles that require out of the box, creative thinking. They are best suited to careers that require contacts with many different people and have varied activities. 
  • S personality styles thrive in predictable, calm, and cooperative environments. They are comfortable with consistent and stable work. S types perform well in environments that require repetitive tasks and contact with long-term clients.
  • C personality styles tend to thrive when working independently. They require adequate time to complete their tasks with accuracy, precision, and the highest possible standard. C types exceed in roles with lots of detail and information. 

Careers For C DISC Personality Types

Careers for C DISC personality types include: 

  • Engineer
  • Analyst
  • Scientist
  • Developer
  • Systems Administrator
  • Data Scientist
  • Investment Analyst
  • Actuary

Sometimes it can be challenging to understand what qualities and personality attributes best fit a particular career. Those who need to be surrounded by people may be demotivated working in an autonomous environment or vice-versa. The factors DISC personality types require in a working environment highly influence a person’s level of job satisfaction. Specific roles also require definitive skills and have set tasks that require a particular DISC personality type. Other attributes of a position, such as a manager’s personality and the team culture, can be challenging to identify in a job listing and are essential questions to ask in an interview. All these factors play a significant part in helping to determine the best career for the DISC personality types. A DISC profile provides self-awareness of the kinds of tasks that take the least energy and effort of a person, so they can confidently invest in their future.