What Is The Best DISC Personality Type For Sales


A stereotype exists that the most effective salespeople are pushy, Type A, dominant, straight-talking individuals. Perhaps this used to be the best sales style. Nowadays, broad product and service offerings call for different types of approaches to sales. Technical products and services require salespeople who are comfortable with detail and confident in their product knowledge. In comparison, relationship selling requires salespeople, who can quickly and easily form long-lasting bonds with clients who make repeat purchases. The best DISC personality type for sales is one that matches a product or service.

Best DISC Profile For Sales

Unlike other positions, different types of selling are required for various products and services. Therefore, it would be inaccurate to say a single specific DISC profile is best suited for sales as every individual will have strengths and development areas.

Any person with any DISC profile can have a successful sales career. They first need to gain an understanding of their DISC profile and natural approach to sales. They also need to understand how to speed read the DISC profile of their prospects and clients to respond to their priorities. The same sales pitch will not work for every prospect. Each person has different preferences, some want to know about the reliability of a product, and others want to know how many features it has to serve their purpose. By being more aware of our behaviours and others’ behaviours, we can fine-tune our approach to be more successful. 

Starting with a strong self-understanding of their sales style, a salesperson can learn to adjust their behaviour to different situations quickly. If your sales staff cannot adapt to different buyer styles, they will constantly be using the same sales pitch to every client and prospect regardless of others’ styles and will not be as successful as they can be. 

What Is The Best DISC Profile For Hiring For Sales?

A common perception that exists among sales consultants and business owners is that a DI or ID DISC profile pattern is best for sales performance. For many sales positions, that might work well. Consultants and business owners often overlook that not all sales positions are equal, and this DISC profile does not fit every sales position. To determine the right DISC profile for a sales position, you need to first select the role’s right sales style. Sales style is determined by your type of product or service and your industry. Does your product or service involve a long sales cycle or quick decision making?

Clients often ask us, “what is the best DISC personality type for sales”. There is no single answer. No single DISC profile makes the ideal salesperson. The ideal DISC profile for sales depends on the type of business you are in and the kind of selling required for the position you are hiring for. Factors to consider when determining the best sales style are:

  • industry type
  • business type
  • type of sales interaction taking place:

    • over the phone
    • direct face-to-face sales
    • online
    • cold calling
    • repeat sales from existing accounts
  • style of sales:

    • solution selling
    • relationship selling
    • technical sales

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Best DISC Profile For A Sales Manager

A sales manager guides, leads, and coaches a team of salespeople in an organisation. They manage their sales team, set goals, assign sales territories and tasks, and develop sales strategies and sales objectives. Sales managers are also responsible for evaluating the sales staff’s performance and providing training or coaching where needed. They also need to recognise good performance and provide rewards or incentives. 

Behavioural qualities that contribute to a successful sales managers are someone who is commanding and has a presence of control and authority. They need to set goals and ensure that people meet these goals. A sales manager also needs to be social, outgoing and people-oriented. Leading a team of people requires them to have varied people contacts throughout the day. Flexibility and openness to try different ways of achieving the best results are also integral to effective sales leadership. A sales manager should have the ability to inspire confidence, boost energy and morale, and motivate their sales team. 

Taking these characteristics into consideration, the best DISC profile for a sales manager would be:

  • High D – Problem Solver. Likes to make decisions.
  • High I – Influencer. Likes to motivate and inspire.
  • Low S – Voyager. Likes new adventures and open to change.
  • Low C – Innovator. Likes to be creative and think out of the box.

These traits are not a complete list. Although the DISC assessment does not define an exact personality type that is the best DISC profile for a sales manager, it helps identify traits that would contribute to success in this role.

Ideal DISC Profile For Sales

When assessing a person’s suitability for a sales position within your company, it helps define personality traits that would be advantageous in such a role with DISC assessments to determine the ideal disc profile for sales. DISC assessments help identify the traits that an individual possesses that would enable them to succeed in a sales environment. The four primary DISC sales profiles are:

  • A Dominant personality profile salesperson is a hunter. They are goal-oriented, competitive, direct and pushy. They are great with cold-calling, finding leads, new business development and commission-based sales.
  • An Influential personality profile salesperson is influential and charismatic. They succeed in pitching and presenting, opening new accounts, motivational selling and networking.
  • A Steady personality profile salesperson is a farmer. They take care of others, are supportive and calm. They exceed with telephone sales, relationship building, upselling, and after-sales support.
  • A Compliant personality profile salesperson is an expert. They are precise, systematic, and can handle lots of information. They excel in a technical or specialise sales role where in-depth instructions are required. 

Depending on your DISC personality type, or combination of personality types, an Extended DISC® Behavioural Assessment can help you identify your natural sales style and how you approach prospects. Understanding your personality type can guide you to improved communication with prospects and a behaviourally informed sales approach.