How Do You Get Certified To Give The DISC Personality Test


If you are exploring the use of DISC assessment tests in your organisation or considering adding them to your consulting toolbox. You may want to get certified to give the DISC personality test. A DISC certification is an ideal option to learn about DISC and apply it to transform workplaces positively. With hundreds of DISC certification training options available, it can be challenging to know which company to choose. Let’s look at what a DISC profile certification is, how you can become a DISC trainer and how to distinguish a reputable DISC certification provider.

What Is The DISC Certification?

Millions of organisations and industries around the world use DISC to enhance organisational performance. A DISC certification is a training workshop focusing on behavioural analysis tools that provide a framework for understanding human behaviour more profoundly. A DISC training certification enables business consultants and HR Professionals to use DISC reports across many business areas, including recruitment, leadership development, team profiling, general workplace assessments, and personal development, to name a few. 

DISC certification training is usually an interactive full-day workshop in which attendees become familiar with DISC theory and learn how to interpret DISC profile reports. Attendees leave the course armed with background knowledge and practical skills to administer profiles, debrief reports and create positive change using DISC theory in workplaces. 

The DISC certification explores the four prominent DISC personalities in the workplace. It provides practical solutions to more productive interactions with co-workers and direct reports using behavioural modifications outlined in the DISC theory. The DISC assessment certification is a must for any business consultant or human resource professional that wants to use DISC theory and assessments in the workplace. 

A DISC profile certification teaches the history of DISC theory, provides background on the four primary DISC styles. Most DISC certification courses focus only on the DISC theory. However, our Extended DISC® assessment certification equips attendees with the skills to understand DISC profile reports, debrief them with individuals and apply the learnings to develop positive performance. We also include statistics from the validation study and observe trends and changes in the population. A reputable DISC certification provider will also cover how to use their online platform to administer profiles and gain additional insights using the value-added features.

A DISC assessment certification provides you with a globally recognised and credible certification to host DISC workshops and introductory training. Receive comprehensive DISC certification training that will equip you with the knowledge and resources to be confident in your ability to apply Extended DISC® in any individual or team intervention. Contact us today to find out how you can get certified and positively transform your workplace.

How Can I Become A DISC Trainer?

To become a DISC certified trainer and accredit others in DISC theory, you will need to complete the Level Three Master Training course. The DISC trainer certification provides you with the tools and knowledge you need to certify others in the use of DISC theory and Extended DISC® assessments.

To become a DISC certified trainer, you will need to complete the Level 3 DISC Master Trainer course. Our Train the Trainer course is aimed at business consultants and trainers who want to certify other consultants, managers or HR professionals to improve their understanding of Extended DISC® concepts and use DISC in-house. Master Trainer status enables certain affiliates to become certified DISC trainers and conduct Accreditation Training courses on behalf of HR Profiling Solutions. The purpose of this accreditation is for those that intend to hold regular Accreditation Training courses either in-house or as a public workshop.

HR Profiling Solutions are the only authorised partner in Australia eligible to conduct Level Three Master Training Courses.

What Is The Best DISC Certification Training?

With several DISC accreditations available, it’s challenging to know what is the best DISC certification training. Below is an outline of how our DISC certification training is different and can equip your organisation with a competitive advantage. 

  • We have over 21 years of experience certifying businesses and consultants in Extended DISC®. 
  • Extended DISC® Assessments analyse and report on 160 different behavioural styles. The vast number of combination styles allows for more in-depth reporting. The tool does not put people in a box and provides a more profound understanding of a person’s unique behavioural style.
  • Extended DISC® assessments analyse a person’s natural and adjusted profile, demonstrating who they naturally are and how they are adjusting their environment at the time of assessment.
  • Extended DISC® Assessments are one of the most reputable DISC profiling tools. The assessments undergo vigorous reliability and validation checks on a bi-annual basis. The latest study released in 2020 analysed over a million results across 75 different languages and multiple countries. With an Extended DISC® certification, you will boost your credibility by using the most intelligent and strongly validated workplace assessment tools on the market. 

Can I Get My DISC Certification Online?

Yes, you get your DISC certification online. We provide online training for individuals who cannot travel to our public courses or prefer an online learning format. We also offer in-house DISC certifications online for business teams.

We conduct our online DISC certification across two sessions over two days. These are three-hour sessions held over Zoom Meetings allowing you to reap the benefits of collaborative public sessions without the travel. The first session covers the history and theory of DISC, and the second session covers debriefing and practical applications of DISC assessments.

Our online DISC training program is a popular choice for those who cannot travel due to Covid-19 restrictions or those who enjoy the convenience of a live, interactive format.

Where can I get my DISC assessment certification?

DISC assessment certifications are available worldwide. Our network of DISC Master Trainers means we can conduct DISC certification training anywhere across Australia. You can choose to get an online DISC assessment certification online or at a public certification training. 

How much does DISC certification cost?

A DISC certification can cost between $1000 to $3000. We provide payment options and discounts for entire teams to accommodate all organisation types and individuals. Contact us now for DISC certification pricing and information.