Become Accredited in Extended DISC®

DISC accreditation equips individuals with comprehensive, practical knowledge of human behaviour, enabling them to confidently interpret and debrief behavioural assessments.

10 Benefits of training with HR Profiling Solutions

1. Gain an internationally recognised, non-expiring, qualification in the world’s most advanced psychometric system.

2. Branding of reports with organisational logo and colours at no additional cost.

3. Receive a complimentary Extended DISC® Assessment to complete prior to training plus a 1-hour personal debrief of the results.

4. Complimentary one-on-one FinxS training to optimise use of this dynamic online platform, in addition to a comprehensive, easy to follow, written guide.

5. Access to numerous different Extended DISC® report formats, allowing the production of reports focusing on Leadership, Teams, Communication, Work Pairs and Recruitment, to name just a few.

6. Gain access to additional workplace tools on the FinxS platform: Open 360 Reviews, Surveys, Cognitive Ability tests, Sales Competence Assessments (requires extra training) and free interactive Job Templates.

7. Gain access to HR Profiling’s pre-designed questions for Surveys and Open 360 in Employee Engagement, Customer Care or Leadership Surveys.

8. Access to excellent and friendly client support every weekday during business hours, including support via Zoom/Teams when required.

9. Access to video tutorials, manuals, insignia, sales and marketing materials in the Client VIP Resource Center of HR Profiling’s website.

10. Purchase assessments at wholesale rates.

Learning outcomes of Extended DISC® accreditation

HR Profiling’s comprehensive and interactive Level One DISC  training gets HR professionals and consultants up and running with Extended DISC® with two half-day sessions. The learning outcomes are:

How long is the Extended DISC® accreditation?

Level One Extended DISC® Training is conducted regularly:

  • via Zoom or
  • group training sessions at a nominated venue or
  • in-house training within an organisation.


The certification consists of two half-day sessions (consisting of one 3 and one 4-hour session), including short breaks.; it is interactive and has a practical focus. 

Improve workplace productivity. Become accredited in Extended DISC®.

FinxS online training

On completion of Extended DISC® training, a time will be arranged to conduct a one-on-one online training session on how to use the FinxS online cloud-based platform in more detail.

The FinxS account, will include everything needed to administer Extended DISC® assessments including, but not limited to:

  • sending out candidate invitations
  • accessing candidate results and viewing them in different graphics
  • creating team reports
  • applying organisational branding to reports
  • re-printing a candidate’s results in a wide variety of different report formats including reports for teams, pairs, leaders, recruitment, on-boarding, sales and service, remote workers, and more
  • gaining access to hundreds of different job competencies to measure a candidate against
  • customising reports and job templates, questionnaires and surveys


Upcoming DISC Accreditation Dates


26 & 27 MARCH

Location: Online
Time:  8am AEST, 9am AEDT, 6am AWST, 11am NZST

1 & 2 MAY

Location: Online
Time: 9am AEST, 7am AWST, 11pm NZST

18 & 19 JUNE

Location: Online
Time: 9am AEST, 7am AWST, 11pm NZST

29 & 30 JULY

Location: Online
Time: 9am AEST, 7am AWST, 11pm NZST


Location: Online
Time: 9am AEST, 7am AWST, 11pm NZST

22 & 23 OCTOBER

Location: Online
Time: 9am AEST, 10am AEDT, 7am AWST, 12pm NZST


Location: Online
Time: 9am AEST, 10am AEDT, 7am AWST, 12pm NZST

How Extended DISC® accreditation differs from others?

With numerous DISC based assessments available, it can be challenging to know which one to choose. The main points of difference between Extended DISC® and other DISC assessments, along with the distinct advantages that our DISC Profile tool offers, outlined below.

  • Most DISC Profiles only assess 4 – 16 behavioural styles. Extended DISC® Assessment reports analyse 160 different behavioural styles, which allows for more in-depth reporting and a more profound understanding of a person’s unique behavioural style.
  • DISC assessments often focus only on what the respondents think they need to be in their current environment. Consequently, the results can be easily manipulated and change drastically over time. What makes the Extended DISC® tool different is its ability to measure a person’s hard-wired DISC style. The results show who the individual is as well as how they feel they need to adapt to their work environment. As a result, Extended DISC® identifies the individual’s real strengths and developmental areas, allowing for accurate performance improvement.
  • Extended DISC® Assessments are some of the most highly validated and reliable workplace assessments and undergo vigorous reliability and validation checks on a bi-annual basis.  As a qualified Extended DISC® consultant, you will boost your credibility by using the most intelligent and strongly validated workplace assessment tools on the market.
  • Once a candidate has completed the online assessment a multitude of reports with a different focus are available at no additional cost.

Becoming accredited at higher levels

To gain deeper insights and learning more about the very practical ways that Extended DISC® can be used in the workplace, HR Profiling also offers Extended DISC® training at the Level 2 Consultant level and the Level 3 Master Trainer level. The training pathway outlined below provides a step-by-step guide to the three training levels available and indicates what can be expected at each level of Extended DISC® accreditation. 

Level One – Practitioner

Understand the background of the Extended DISC® Model of behaviour, examine the four main behavioural styles and combinations.

Gain an understanding of how people are motivated, approach tasks and goals, experience stress and are likely to communicate. The attendee will become fully qualified to interpret and debrief Extended DISC® profile reports.

Level Two – Consultant

This training course is available to consultants who want to take their understanding of DISC to a deeper level. Consultants will learn how to apply Extended DISC® in a workplace context to enhance business success.

The Level Two accreditation provides the attendee with the ability to drill down into the real issues that enhance or restrict performance.

Level Three – Master Trainer

The third level of training is the Master Trainer DISC accreditation. The purpose of this course is for coaches and trainers that intend to hold regular Extended DISC® training courses either as a public workshop or in-house sessions.

The Level Three accreditation has strict pre-requisites and is for coaches and trainers who want to accredit others in Extended DISC®.